Piranha, electric eels to be banned

national May 18, 2016 01:00

By The Nation

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People in Thailand will soon be banned from possessing piranha, plus electric eels or electric catfish, including their eggs and sperm.

Cabinet on Monday approved in principle a ministerial regulation about this by the Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry. The regulation is now being assessed by Council of State lawyers.

People who have these fish – except state officials who have them for academic purposes – will be required to submit them to authorities within the regulation’s given timeframe.

Piranha under genus Serrasalmus, Rooseveltiella and Pygocentrus, plus the electric eel (genus Electrophorus) and electric catfish (genus Malapterurus and Paradoxoglanis) – will be banned because they could harm people or other marine life and the environment, the regulation says.


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