Rare modified gun used to kill Jakkrit: forensic chief

national October 27, 2013 00:00

By The Sunday Nation

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Forensic Science Police chief Pol Maj-Gen Kamrob Panyakaew revealed yesterday that the five bullets which killed former Olympian marksman Jakkrit Panichpatikum on October 19, were manufactured in Russia and came from a modified gun.

He said such ammunition was quite rare and most probably belonged to a gun enthusiast, or someone knowledgeable about guns, as the gun used in the shooting needed to have been modified to use the ammunition.
Police are investigating three possible motives for the shooting, including a conflict related to the amulet trade; a disagreement with the Thai shooting association; and a dispute with Jakkrit’s family. 
Investigators said they were leaning towards the latter motive as the most probable.