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Tighter screening near Sanam Luang after bomb

national May 20, 2017 01:00


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BMA to install better cctv cameras.

AUTHORITIES will implement more stringent screening of people entering the Sanam Luang area in the wake of Monday night’s small bomb blast.

The explosion occurred in front of the National Theatre, slightly injuring two people.

The theatre is near Sanam Luang, which attracts thousands of people each day. People visit the Grand Palace near the park to pay respects to HM the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, whose body was laid in the Dusit Maha Prasat Throne Hall.

“We will have to record pictures of people who come. We will also increase the area under close watch to cover the blast site. In addition, we will deploy bicycle patrols, not just motorcycle patrols,” the First Army Area chief Lt-General Apirat Kongsompong said yesterday, after a meeting on security for Sanam Luang, adjacent to the palace.

He said Bangkok Governor Pol General Aswin Kwanmuang had already ordered that the best security cameras to be installed in Sanam Luang areas, notably in areas shielded from public view.

“Security cameras that were installed two years ago offer the definition of just one million or two million pixels for images,” Apirat said. He urged people to help watch out of any suspicious people or activity. 

Army chief General Chalermchai Sittisart said separately yesterday that images from security cameras in front of the National Theatre were not clear and thus were not very useful. He expressed support for the plan to install better-quality cameras. Chalermchai said it remained unclear who plotted the latest blast, but he thought political groups were not involved as they would want peace, which would pave way for an election.

He said government policies such as the serious crackdown on drugs might affect the interests of some people who may want to discredit the government.

Chalermchai denied speculation that the minor blast was staged to divert attention from the purchase of a submarine by the goverment or huge interests at the Government Lottery Office. 

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