The historical plaque has been replaced with this one at the Royal Plaza.
The historical plaque has been replaced with this one at the Royal Plaza.

Activists’ group calls for public help in reclaiming missing historical plaque

national April 17, 2017 16:04

By The Nation

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Activists have invited the public to help reclaim the missing historical plaque marking Thailand’s shift from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy.

A group of student activists, without identifying themselves, posted on the Thai Academic Network for Civil Rights’ Facebook page on Monday, inviting the public to join them in reclaiming the plaque, whose disappearance was discovered last Friday.

They plan to meet in front of Dusit Police Station at 9am on Wednesday, file a complaint to the police, revisit the site around the Royal Plaza, and go to City Hall to request CCTV footage for the end of last week.

The Thai Academic Network for Civil Rights, meanwhile, issued a statement on Sunday, calling on the prime minister, the president of the National Legislative Assembly, the Fine Arts Department and Dusit District Office to show responsibility and act on the case. 

These people and agencies are obliged to protect public property, as well as Thai democracy as commemorated in the plaque, which holds memories about Thai politics and the progress of democracy, they said.

They must pursue the case with utmost effort and punish those who have either stolen or destroyed the plaque as this is equivalent to destroying a symbol of the democratic power of the people, the activists’ group demanded in their statement.

The academics also called on the public to help reclaim the original plaque in order to demonstrate their wishes for people’s democracy to be reinstalled and continued in Thai society.

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