Abhisit still concerned about political party restrictions

politics April 06, 2017 16:15

By The Nation

Democrat Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva said yesterday he was still concerned about the current limitations on party activities after the constitution was promulgated, but added that he believed that the junta would gradually loosen its grip.

In a press briefing after a Buddhist ceremony marking party’s 71st anniversary, the former prime minister said his party had been working unofficially to recruit new members as well as develop policies despite the law limiting political activity. 

“We have no problems. Everyone is ready. We will vote on the new executive board following the organic law on political parties,” he said. 

Regarding the Election Commission’s latest move to prepare constituencies for the election next year, Abhisit said the demographics could still change ahead of the ballot. The current constituency map only gave a rough picture of how many MPs each constituency would have, he said. 

However, he said the map helped parties prepare for the election next year.