Uber says govt agrees to study ridesharing benefits

national March 20, 2017 19:17

By The Nation

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Uber claimed on Monday that the government had agreed to have an independent third party carry out a study of the benefits from ridesharing.

Amy Kunrojpanya, director of Policy and Communications for Uber in Asia Pacific, made the claim in a press statement after she was given an opportunity to meet representatives of the Land Transport Department and the Transport Ministry.

“Today, we’d like to thank the Ministry of Transport for the opportunity to talk about ridesharing and how technology can play a role in ensuring safe and reliable transportation,” the director said.

She said at the meeting, Uber urged the government to amend the existing Motor Vehicle Act so that it allows for ridesharing in Thailand. 

“Uber is pleased that the government agreed to conducting independent third party research into ridesharing regulations and the benefits they bring to Thailand, as they have in so many other countries in the region,” Amy said.

She said the government agreed that the study would take six to 12 months. 

“We look forward to contributions to the study and hope for a speedy resolution,” Amy added in the statement.

“We remain committed to our mission of providing reliable transportation for everyone and will continue to serve Thai riders, drivers and cities.”

The meeting was held after the Land Transport Department stepped up crackdowns on Uber drivers on grounds that they were violating the law by using non-registered vehicles as taxis.

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