• Photo : Supit

Complaint filed against proposed biomass power plant

national March 16, 2017 14:37

By The Nation
Nakhon Ratchasima 

A group of 40 locals led by a 71-old-man submitted a complaint to the governor against a proposed biomass power plant of Nakhon Ratchasima Powergreen Co, Ltd.

The complaint was addressed to Governor Wichien Jannotai and provincial industrial chief Pracha Meetham.

The event was observed by security officials to prevent potential trouble.  

Supit Feusungnuan, the leader of the group, said the location of the plant is not appropriate, as it is about 800 metres from Nong Mai Tai village and near the water sources of the village.

The villagers had already expressed opposition to the plan in a meeting on February 27 and a public hearing the following day. They would do the same at any public hearing in the future.

Supit demanded that the authorities involved cancel the plan for the benefit of the people.

The group also asked that the governor convey their message to the Industry Ministry.