In love with Labanoon

music May 15, 2017 12:00

By The Nation

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The Indoor Stadium Hua Mark was packed to the gills last Saturday as fans of Labanoon gathered for the band’s 20th anniversary concert, “Perd Klong”, singing long and dancing to a string of hits and wildly applauding the special guests.

Screams were loud as singer and guitarist Metee Arun was illuminated with a beam of light on the small stage in the middle of the stadium and grew louder as bassist Anan Saman and drummer Nathanon Thongoon appeared on the main stage. After singing “Nak Jai” and “Fan Kao”, Metee walked back up the catwalk to jam with his bandmates on “Sueksa Naree”, “Panakngarn Dub Plerng”, “Thook Thuk Khor” and “Help Me Please” before slowing down the tempo with “Kham Tong Harm”, “Bang Arj Rak Ther” and “Fun Waan”.

    The first guest to come out was Apichart Promraksa who made his guitar sing on “Tai Dab Na”, “Stuntman”, and “Dek Muea Wan Suen”. Metee then told the audience that he had borrowed Apichart’s guitar during the recording of the band’s first album.

    Next up was Kanyarat “Lula” Tiyapornchai, like Labanoon a former contestant of Hot Music Awards, who showed off her unique voice in “Aeb Rak” and “Ruang Thi Khor”.

    Screams rose to a crescendo as the first notes of “Yam” echoed round the stadium and the lights illuminated the band’s original drummer, Somporn Yuso, who joined the concert’s drummer for “Go On”.

Ohm Plengkham, keyboardist with rock band Bodyslam, played melancholy keys on “Het Phol Thi Hai Jai”, “Jai Klang Muang”, “Pen Tai Rai Dee” and “Oh Puean Aoey”, which also featured a chorus of students from Metee’s former school, the Islamic College of Thailand. Metee also showed his skills on the “klong banor”, a Thai-Malay drum found in three Southern border provinces then handed over to a likay Hulu troupe for “Palang Ngarn Jon” and “Jai Ngai” featuring special guest, Paowalee Pornpimol. Metee took the opportunity to walk back along the catwalk to get closer to fans.

    Back on stage, Metee had tears in his eyes as he thanked Genie Records and all the production team, as well as Kajorndech “Kob” Pormlaksa, the drummer of Big Ass, who persuaded Labanoon to return to the music scene after a gap of several years. He also thanked the fans who have supported the band for two decades.

    Labanoon closed out the concert with a set that including “Chueak Wiset”, “191”, “Khon Tua Dam” and a reprise of “Yam.”