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music February 04, 2017 01:00

By Kitchana Lersakvanitchakul

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The popular chamber music orchestra known as Jeeb return to the stage of the Thailand Cultural Centre

SEVEN YOUNG men with a passion for classical music are once again sharing their remarkable talents with an audience in the upcoming concert “Jeeb Seasons”.

Known collectively as Jeeb Ensemble, viola player Miti “Mek” Wisuthumporn, pianists Trisdee Na Patalung and Christopher Janwong McKiggan, cellist Ekachai “Palm” Maskulrat, violinists Kanin “Dan” Udommana and Thaweewet “Paye” Srinarong, and bassist Nuttaphon “Yu” Lerswanuswong will be performing on February 12 at the Thailand Cultural Centre for the second in what they hope will become a regular series of recitals.


“We have been friends since childhood and share a fascination with classical music. We each went our own way and were lucky enough to earn scholarships to study what we loved the most. Pizza (pianist and composer Trisdee) graduated before the rest of us and has already made a name for himself, both as a musician and conductor. We staged our first concert ‘Classical Music Jeeb the Bangkokians’ back in December 2013 with the aim of bringing chamber music to the general public and it was a success,” says Miti.

Miti and the other members of Jeeb except Thaweewet – who was out of the country – turned out for the recent press conference held at EmQuartier.

They were joined on stage by Nuttiga Soontorncharoennont, co-founder and general manager of Muse Corporation, the concert’s organiser, who explained that the company had created a four-part programme for the ensemble with the concert as the final part.

Of the first part, “Music Is Everywhere”, Christopher says: “There is music everywhere you go, but no one listens to all its genres. So, we took classical music to places where classical music isn’t heard. We had a chance to perform at the Grand Postal Building in Bang Rak on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. For the couples who had registered their marriages that day, it was a whole new experience. In recent weeks, we have played on the BTS Skytrain, at the Giant Swing, and on a boat and tuk tuk.”


Kanin takes up the story for the second part, called “Outreach”. “Three years ago, we took part in a corporate social responsibility activity and performed at homes for disabled children in Pattaya as well as the Foundation for the Blind in Bangkok. The kids loved the music and thanked us profusely at the end.

“Part 3, Masterclass”, was held at Horwang School and we spent time with the school’s orchestra club, teaching them about classical music and coaching them.”

“We’re ending the programme with this concert, ‘Jeeb Seasons’. The music has been selected to narrate the beauty of nature at each time of year. To illustrate this, we will be playing ‘The Four Seasons’, the best known of Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi’s work,” says Miti.

“‘The Four Seasons’ are four concerti that narrate the atmosphere in each season of the year,” Trisdee adds.

“We will also be playing ‘Four Seasons of Buenos Aires’ by Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla who blended his fire and passion for the traditional tango with the end of Vivaldi’s original work,” Miti says.


“Another piece we have chosen is the Thai song, ‘Ratree Pradub Dao’ (‘The Starry Night’), which also reflects the seasons.”

Written by King Rama VII, ‘Ratree Pradub Dao’ gets a new take on life thanks to Trisdee’s arrangement. “We blend traditional Thai music with our international sound, which gives it a new and interesting flavour that’s enhanced by the vocal performance of our singer,” he says.

“When you listen to this song, you will touch the wind and see the stars at Klai Kangwon Palace,” Miti enthuses.

“We close out the concert with a composition by His Majesty the late King, which also narrates the wonders of nature.”

Great care is being taken with the d้cor in an attempt to make the concert more accessible to the public, with a 20-metre-long model of a cloud set to float above the stage.

“The big cloud is to carry the audience towards the stories of the seasons and help them understand each work. We will also be introducing other gimmicks in every scene,” says organiser Nuttiga.

The classical ensembles will be joined on stage by Charas Fueangarom and Bangkok Paradise Molam International Band, as well as a special guest.

“We want to tell everyone to come along to the concert. Classical music is easier and more exciting than you think,” Miti concludes.


- “Jeeb Seasons” is being staged at the Thailand Cultural Centre on February 12 at 7pm.

- A special round for disabled students from Foundation for the Welfare of the Crippled under the royal patronage of Her Royal Highness the Princess Mother, the Father Ray Foundation, Baan Nontapum, a home for children with disabilities, and the Universal Foundation for Persons with Disabilities will take place at 2pm.

- Tickets are priced from Bt800 to Bt1,800 and available at

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