Kitchen life made easy

lifestyle March 20, 2017 12:00

By The Nation

Swedish home furnishings maker Ikea has introduced the Grundvattnet series of sink accessories that serve as a multi-functional assistant in the kitchen.

The series is meticulously designed with multi-purpose functionality to handle all kinds of activities that take place around the kitchen sink, from food preparation and washing up to organising and storage. Items from the series include a washing-up bowl – a sink divider with one bowl that divides into two bowls, and a colander’s flat bottom that can be used as a dish drainer to free up space on the countertop.

There’s also a box that is practical for storing food and can be placed in the colander and used to separate ingredients when preparing food, as well as mat that can be placed on the bottom of the sink to easily collect waste when preparing food

The series of products is designed to fit all types of cooking requirements, even in a limited space. The products are made from polyethylene plastic that has been tested and proven to be safe, and are available now in Kitchen department at Ikea Bang Na.