Chakrit Yamnam
Chakrit Yamnam

Changing for the better

lifestyle March 14, 2017 11:30

By The Nation

Actor Chakrit Yamnam, the new ambassador for the project, “I Care, Change for the Better”, wants to see illegal fishing brought to an end.

Actor, star of the popular TV sitcom “Pentor”, “Iron Chef” host and restaurant owner, Chakrit Yamnam is a self-confessed foodie and but that doesn’t mean he will pop just anything in his month. The new ambassador for the project, “I Care, Change for the Better”, which aims to raise funds to help poor fisherfolk and less-privileged women in the three southern border provinces, says he wants to see illegal fishing brought to an end.

“Illegal fishing is a critical problem that destroys the ocean ecosystem in the Gulf of Thailand by using equipment and chemicals to make seafood appear firmer and glossier. It has very significant effects on fisherfolk and consumers,” he says.

“This ‘I Care’ project is being implemented by Oxfam, an international charity organisation that has worked on human rights for more than 75 years. It’s being supported by such world-famous artists such as Coldplay, Annie Lennox and Colin Firth.

“For Thailand, I’m honoured to be an ambassador for this project and take part in activities that will raise Thai people’s awareness of life quality, food and environment. In addition to helping the fisherfolk find a way of distributing their catch without going through middlemen and keeping the ocean environment plentiful and sustainable, the project also supports Wanita Project. This is a group formed by the women who are part of the thousands of people affected by the 12 years of unrest in the three southern provinces. The effects from the conflict have caused these women to change their roles tremendously – from simple housewives who take care of household affairs to the family breadwinner. Violence in the area has forced them to earn income for the family, bearing a heavier burden than ever before. We will help those women to have a better life.”

The project kicks off at Fashion Island Shopping Mall today (March 14) and continues through March 20.

On Saturday (March 18), Chakrit will prepare a special dish with fish from the project.