LG knows its fridges

lifestyle April 21, 2017 10:25


LG Electronics has just sold its 15th million refrigerator powered by its own Inverter Linear Compressor, which is considered the core technology behind the advanced appliances.

Different from conventional rotary compressors that utilise circular motion, LG’s innovation converts linear motion into cooling power much more efficiently to reduce energy consumption and noise.

Since developing the Inverter Linear Compressor 16 years ago, LG has continuously worked to improve it, as seen in the fifth generation launched in 2014, which delivers 55 per cent more energy efficiency at 15 per cent less noise compared to the first generation. 

LG currently holds 981 patents in South Korea for its compressor technology, as well as 232 patents in the United States and 52 across Europe. Its Inverter Linear Compressor refrigerator has been named the best on the market by several consumer organisations and product reviewers for its excellent performance, consistent temperature control and low noise level. 

“Our commitment to developing core technologies such as the Inverter Linear Compressor is a key element of the success of LG refrigerators all over the world,” says Song Daehyun, president of LG’s Home Appliance & Air Solutions Co. 

“Our priority to enhance refrigerator performance and reduce noise while using less energy is how we continue to bring value to our customers.”

LG expanded its awardwinning lineup last year with the Centum System refrigerator developed specifically for the European market. 

The Centum System Inverter Linear Compressor was backed by a 20year warranty, an industry first, earning it recognition by VDE (Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker), one of Europe’s most respected standards and safety organisations.

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