• Singha’s chic Eatview by Est 33 serves dishes sprinkled with delightful beer.
  • Tea Salon in the InterContinental Bluport Wing is lavish yet utterly relaxing.
  • Greyhound Cafe’s local style “Nam Prik Gung Seab”
  • Deep-fried Fried Fish at Greyhound Cafe
  • Peppina’s pizza is certified for its Neapolitan authenticity.

Seafood bounty at Bluport

tasty June 18, 2017 01:00

By Kupluthai Pungkanon
The Sunday Nation

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The Hua Hin resort mall is the perfect port of call for hungry shoppers

HUA HIN’S GOT the glorious southern sea, the historic charm and now the Bluport Hua Hin Resort Mall, which happily doubles as a gourmet paradise.

The sprawling mall with marble accents and vintage “colonial-style” architecture has changed the local landscape once again – all the treasures of a posh Bangkok shopping arcade transplanted to the popular holiday destination.

Among Bluport’s restaurants, fresh seafood is a major draw, of course, as is the allure of southern cuisine. Both are abundant during this month’s “Bluport: The Port of Dining” campaign. 

Fried Papaya Salad at Khunnam

Khunnam Seafood Restaurant is already famous for its Spicy Papaya Salad (Bt220). The papaya slices are coated in flour, deep-fried and served with a powerful som tam sauce. Deep-fried Whole Seabass in Fish Sauce (Bt580) is just as popular – more than a kilogram of tasty bass cooked crispy on the outside and still juicy and tender within.

Families favour Coca, part of a chain founded in 1957. The Coca Combo Set comes in two sizes – medium for Bt388 and large for Bt758. With each you get two hotpots containing clear soup and tom yum. 

The seafood suki at Coca

Owner Pittaya Punpensophon says they specialise in Cantonese cuisine, but also got into the suki trade when it became popular, and the seaside locale means that fresh lobster, crab, squid and more is ready for the pot. “The Chinese tradition of big family meals is something I’ve always encouraged in my own family,” he says. 

The Chinese dishes on the menu include Pa Tong Ko (Bt68), which is deep-fried dough dipped in sweetened condensed milk, and Ka-lor-gee (Bt120), where battered balls of black and white sesame seeds, nuts and sugar are fried nice and crisp. 

Also recommended are Chinese Steamed Bun Crispy Duck (Bt188) and the immense Seafood Bucket (Bt2,498).

Peppina’s pizza is certified for its Neapolitan authenticity.

For amazing Italian food, head to Peppina for the Neapolitan creations of chef Paolo Vitaletti. The pizza is delicious and wonderfully light. Be assured by the AVPN (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana) certificate on display – it means the pizza is traditionally and authentically Neapolitan. 

The Bluport Pizza (Bt510) arrives bedecked with shrimp, crab, squid and N’Duja sausage and the tomato sauce has a nice spicy tang. 

The Japanese cuisine at Sushi Hiro is wonderfully presented.

Japanese restaurant Sushi Hiro lives up to its chain’s high-end reputation with sushi and sashimi carved from a 380-kilogram bluefin tuna fished out of the Mediterranean Sea. 

The Mizu Sashimi Set (Bt1,590) is an array of all the premium raw goods – hon maguro (Spanish tuna), akami (red-flesh tuna), ama ebi (sweet shrimp), Hokkaido ikura (salmon roe) and hotate (scallop), hamachi fish from Fukuoka, engawa (fish fin from Hirame) and much more. 

A great starter is the Soft-shell Crab Salad (Bt259) served with tasty goma dressing. 

Spicy Roasted BierBQ Pork Ribs at Eatview

Eatview by Est 33 is the Singha brand’s contribution to the restaurant itinerary. The award-winning chain presents comfort food with Asian accents. 

The Spicy Roasted Bier-B-Q Pork Ribs (Bt390) are soft, juicy and fantastically tasty. The marinade deploys 33 types of herbs and other ingredients, and then the ribs are baked in an oven for three hours.

Penne Tom Yum (Bt290) is quite creative – clear spicy soup with salmon, tiger prawns and big chunks of squid. 

Kra Toi Fried Crab at Greyhound Cafe

Greyhound Cafe Hua Hin brings the brand’s own creative twists on contemporary culture to the southern resort. 

Crispy Crab Patties (Bt230), Tom Yum Crab Legs (Bt320) and Crispy Deep-fried Fish (Bt210) have all had their meats swimming in a curry-like marinade for hours and are redolent with garlic, lemongrass, black pepper, turmeric and, yes, that particularly aromatic southern curry. 

Also lovely is the chilli-intensive Thai-style vegetable dip Nam Prik Gung Seab (Bt250), and for dessert there’s Lod Chong (Bt120), a Petchaburi tradition – green noodles in sweet coconut milk eaten with a ladle.

Tea Salon’s TWG Prestige Set 

You can even enjoy a luxurious afternoon tea at Bluport. Tea Salon in the InterContinental Bluport Wing serves renowned TWG teas in a cosy and relaxing ambience. The Prestige set (Bt220) includes various delicious snacks and desserts. 

After dining, take the kids to Whaley Port on the mall’s third floor, a miniature theme park done up like an underwater wonderland. Let them pick among the Interactive Port, Play Port of Game Port and sit back and watch the fun. 


Today at Bluport there’s the “Cookin Nanta” musical comedy from South Korea onstage in the Blu Hall on the first floor. Admission is free. 

For every Bt600 Thailife and True subscribers spend at the mall, they get double credit points. Spend Bt1,000 any weekend and get a Bt200 gift voucher.