Some like it hot

tasty May 17, 2017 15:45

By The Nation

The Spice Market at the Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel celebrates som tum all next month and invites the lunch crowd to enjoy the signature Thai spicy salad in its new “Somtum Feast” promotion.

In addition to the various preparations for which the salad is known, the Spice Market is also offering Tum Thad – som tum on a tray that’s enjoyed with side dishes.

The restaurant’s version of Tum Thad features the spicy green papaya salad with salted egg, Chinese noodle, Vietnamese pork sausage, crispy pork skin, New Zealand Mussels and river prawns. 

Another authentically Thai dish is the spicy green papaya salad with pu dong (pickled crap) in nam pla raa (fermented fish sauce).

Other recommended dishes include Som Tum Khao Pode (corn spicy salad) with grilled river prawn and Som Tum Mamuang Koong Waan Kab Plaa Dook Foo (spicy mango Salad with sweet shrimp and crispy fried catfish). 

Prices start at Bt280 and the dishes will be offered individually and in Thai family style from 11.30am to 2.30pm except Sundays throughout June.

Book a table at (02) 126 8866 or email