A return to ‘Planet Earth’

movie & TV March 29, 2017 12:30

By The Nation

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“Planet Earth II”, the sequel to the BBC’s acclaimed 2006 documentary series, has its Thai premiere at SF World Cinema in Bangkok tomorrow (March 30), organised by Thai PBS.

Free tickets will be distributed at the cinema from 5 to 5.30pm.

Thai PBS will then broadcast the film in seven episodes in ultra high-definition 4K, beginning at 8.20pm on April 5.

“Planet Earth”, presented by Sir David Attenborough and with music composed by Hans Zimmer, was universally acclaimed. The sequel, made last year, took 2,100 days to shoot in 40 countries, utilising drone cameras and remote recording techniques. 

The episodes include “Islands”, “Mountains”, “Jungles”, “Cities” and “A World of Wonder”.

“This might be the first time it’s being seen in Asia,” says Thai PBS director-general Krissada Raungarreerat. “The documentary is being broadcast in the US only after it premieres in Britain, on BBC One.”

While the first series offered unprecedented views of life on earth, the sequel immerses the audience in spectacular landscapes and habitats. It focuses on iconic places, from the highest mountains to the remotest islands, richest jungles and harshest deserts.