We kid Chinese tourists, honestly

movie & TV March 21, 2017 10:35

By The Nation

The blockbuster Chinese comedy movie “Lost in Thailand” ended up luring million more Chinese tourists to the Kingdom, and now there’s the Thai film “Muang Thai Arai Kor Dai” (“Thailand Only”), scheduled to hit screens on April 27.

Director Issara Nadee, best know for the horror flicks “407 Thiaw Bin Phee” (“407 Dark Flight”), “Tee Sam 3D” (“3 AM”) and “Phee Overtime” (“OT”), has turned to comedy for the first collaboration among studios Sahamongkol Films, Workpoint Pictures and Pharanakhorn Films.

The three companies are pooling resources in a bid to turn their fortunes around amid a dip in the Thai cinema industry. 

Phranakorn, which had a hit with the comedy “Luang Phee Theng” (“The Holy Man”) as well as Poj Anon’s movies, handled production on this one, tagged as a comedy for the masses. Workpoint and Sahamongkol are overseeing distribution and promotion.

Like ““Lost in Thailand”, “Muang Thai Arai Kor Dai” takes a humorous look at culture clash. Thai tour guides played by Jazz Chuang Chuen, Choosak “Nong Cha Cha Cha” Iamsuk, Khom Chaunchuen and Charlie Potjes are in charge of a Chinese tour group seeking fun and adventure, and naturally much chaos ensues.