Fans of ‘Mask Singer’ angry after winner’s identity not revealed

lifestyle March 24, 2017 20:02

By The Nation 

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Viewers of highest-rated TV show “The Mask Singer” were left disappointed last night when Champ of the Champ winner Mask Durian failed to reveal his face after the live final round – despite an earlier promise by programme host Kan Kantathawon that he would.

Many fans felt let down when the show suddenly ran out of time and quickly took to social media to vent their anger and frustration, bringing an apology from show producers Workpoint Entertainment. 

Disappointed viewers created the hashtag #RIPthemasksinger on Twitter, while the Facebook feed was full of comments complaining that “The Mask Singer” had wasted their time and betrayed them. 

“The programme had done well since the first airing, but was ruined in the final round. I was disappointed by the scripts, the time manageฌment and the commentators,” tweeted @_mallowbb.

Workpoint’s Facebook live feed on the final round attracted more than 11 million views, with people using the “angry” emoticon to express their feelings.

In the show, contestants were divided into four groups, each wearฌing a mask and elaborate costume to conceal his/her identity, so that factors such as popularity, career and age would not lead to biased voting. 

They competed oneonone in three elimination rounds, with the winner of each round being selected by votes from the audiences and commentators. The identities of the singers were not revealed until they had been eliminated.

In the live final round, the Mask Durian, who sang “Jodmai Chabab Sudtai” a luk thung song of Kasem Khomsan, won the public vote over the Mask Crow who sang “Ya Yud Yung” of the Olarn Project. The conฌtestant behind the crow mask was then revealed as singer Jirakorn “Ae” Somphitak. The show then featured a prolonged interview session lookฌing at Jirakorn’s career background and his costume. 

Although show host Kan said the winner would reveal his face after the break, the programme abruptly cut to the end, informing viewers that they would have to wait until next week’s show to find out Mask Durian’s identity. 

“The Mask Singer”, a Thai adapฌtation of South Korean reality game show “Miseuteori Eumaksyo Bokmyeongawang” (“Mystery Music Show: King of Mask Singer”), has been running since October and is the mostwatched series on TV.

In a statement yesterday, Workpoint Entertainment said: “We apologise for last night’s live broadฌcast of the Champ of the Champ final round that failed to meet the expectations of viewers through unclear communication, overlong running and technical errors in the broadcast. We respect all comments and will further develop the show for the best results for next week’s proฌgramme and the next season.” 

The producers confirmed that the winner’s identity would be revealed in his final performance on Thursday.

Each episode of “The Mask Singer” Thailand uploaded to Workpoint’s official YouTube site attracts at least 500,000 views. The most popular video clip was of Mask Durian singing “Muer Puen” (Gunman), earning 65 million views. Its success in the ratings war is down to a combination of singing contest, mascot design, comedy and game show in a single package.