Toyota Tsusho to hold festival to mark its 60th anniversary

Breaking News June 16, 2017 15:02

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Toyota Tsusho (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Is celebrating its 60th anniversary with a “Toyotsu Japan Festival”.

Over the past 60 years years, the company has imported heavy machinery such as tractors and forklifts, and supply chain management. Its revenue composition is 80 per cent automotive products while the remaining 20 per cent is taken up by non-automotive products. 

The current management team consists of Mr. Kiyoyoshi Ohba, president, and Anujtha Jaovisidha, general manager accounting & finance.

In line with its anticipated business growth, the company is now prepared to expand into consumer product business with a focus on products that are either imported from Japan or manufactured by Toyota Tsusho (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

During the “Toyotsu Japan Festival” the company will exhibit lifestyle products from Japan and involve well over 100 shops loaded with leading Japanese brands. 

Among the lifestyle consumer products available at the festival include Nishikawa mattresses, Sugahara glasswares, 10 Mois organic products for babies, Wa Theater organic fruits, Tachikichi ceramics, etc. 

It will be the first festival that brings a variety of lifestyle items into one place - including consumer products, fashion, tourism, pillows, and mattresses for good health, and influenza detection device. These quality lifestyle products correspond to the needs both of Thai consumers and Japanese expats working in Thailand. It’s anticipated that the total revenue to be generated from this festival would amount to approximately Bt30 million to Bt40 million.

Kiyoyoshi Oba, the company’s president, said: “Our company has been in business for 60 years and intends to fulfill its commitment to corporate social responsibility through our “Project 60 Years-60 Schools” where we’ll make educational media donation to schools in various provinces. 

“In terms of business, we’ll continue to place emphasis on supply chain management where our unique skills are in the automotive area and expand into other business sectors. Our products are not the final products for distribution in the markets. Rather, they represent equipment to be used for manufacturing finished products for sales in the markets.

“The organization of the Toyotsu Japan Festival in 2017 is our first step of towards consumer products whose primary focus is on quality consumer goods from Japan that we believe will satisfy consumer demands for the lifestyle and quality of every family. Also, our products are segmented into children, teenager-working, and family categories.”

Anujtha Jaovisidha, general manager accounting and finance, said: “As a management and the third generation heir of Toyota Tsusho (Thailand), I can say that our business has been creating benefits to our employees and has been being a part of moving Thailand’s economics forward thanks to our corporate policy about the care of the employees’ life and world’s environment.

“For 60 years of our business, this time, our products and services are close to consumers lifestyles more than ever. As Toyotsu Japan Festival is known to be the most playful event that the Toyota Tsusho family and also Japanese expats in Thailand wait for. We aim to have 50,000 visitors for the two days of our festival. The festival will feature the biggest amount of lifestyle Japanese products.”

“Toyotsu Japan Festival” will be held during from July 29 and 30, 2017, at the Royal Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon Shopping Mall. More information for the festival, please follow Facebook Fanpage : Toyotsu Japan Festival.

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