Honda spruiks new diesel turbo engine

Breaking News March 16, 2017 11:37


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Honda Automobile (Thailand) has unveiled the features of its “advanced intelligent” powertrain i-dtec diesel turbo engine.

The engine is integrated with a nine-speed automatic transmission in the new fifth-generation Honda CR-V, which boasts a sport premium design and will be launched in Thailand on March 24.

The 1.6L i-dtec four-cylinder diesel turbo engine was developed under Honda’s Earth Dreams technology. 

The maximum power of 160hp at 4,000 rpm.

Its maximum torque of 350 Newton-metres at 2,000 rpm is equivalent to a large-size diesel engine, the company said, with exceptionally high fuel efficiency of 18.9 Km/L. 

Working together with the nine-speed automatic transmission provides superior acceleration and fuel efficiency with a CO2 emission rate of 141 g/km, Honda said. 

The new Honda CR-V will be available with two alternative engines, diesel and benzene. 

“To perfectly meet all lifestyles, all variants come with seven-seat passenger capacity and equipped with a full range of advanced safety features and advanced function technologies,” Honda said. “This results in the all-new Honda CR-V being a more premium SUV compared to its previous generations.”

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