Singapore Exchange (SGX) on Monday welcomed Kimly Limited (“Kimly”) to Catalist under the stock code “1D0”. 

business March 20, 2017 11:57

By The Nation

Kimly operates one of the largest chains of coffee shops in Singapore, with an extensive network of 64 coffee shops, industrial canteens and food courts under management.

It also boosts 121 food stalls selling dim sum, seafood “zi char”, mixed vegetable rice, teochew porridge and more across the heartlands of Singapore.

With a track record of 26 years, Kimly’s business is mainly in outlet management and food retail, and it recently ventured into online food ordering and delivery services. 

Vincent Chia, Kimly executive director, said: “With our listing, we now reach out to an even bigger market who can partake in the flavours of Kimly not only as customers but also as our shareholders. 

“We are heartened by the reception that we have received for our IPO [initial public offering] and look forward to further enhance and grow our operations to reward our shareholders.”

With a market capitalisation of about S$288 million (Bt7.1 billion), the listing of Kimly brings the total number of Consumer companies listed on SGX to more than 150, with a combined market capitalisation of about $160 billion, and the total number of companies listed on Catalist to 190, with a combined market capitalisation of more than $11 billion. 

Kimly opened at $0.55 on Monday.