Savannakhet university to become first model in Laos

business January 25, 2017 01:00


SAVANNAKHEt University is set to become the first model university for business administration and economic studies in Laos. It is now developing the plan and intends to reach the goal by 2020.

Assoc Prof Bounpong Keorodom, president of the university, told a media team last week that the university will also be a model in terms of buildings, libraries, curricula and infrastructure.

The campus will cover 300 hectares. The new design has been funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

The government approved a budget of 250 billion kip (Bt1 billion) through the National Assembly two years ago for the model university. 

Infrastructure work has almost been completed on over 300 hectares in Nongpheu village of Kaysone district, he said.

“Now, the ADB has also provided US$40 million (Bt1.4 billion), of which $23 million is grant aid and the rest is a loan. Our government has already signed a contract with the bank. 

“So, our university will receive about $28 million from this contract and the rest we will provide to other universities under the Education and Sports Ministry.”

“We receive more than other universities as we know our university is set to be the first model in Laos. 

“We will not only link our university domestically but also to Asean and internationally. 

“Our model university is expected to be finished in 2020, or if not it will be finished by 2025,” he said.

Of the entire budget for the construction of the model university, 53 per cent would be invested in infrastructure, which will include both grants and loans from the ADB.

The new area will also include other facilities like modern universities from other countries, he said.

The current university location has 291 staff, of whom 258 are lecturers. 

There are more than 4,120 students in six faculties with 33 subjects and two subjects of master’s degrees along with one IT centre.

The master’s degree just opened over a year ago and master’s degrees will open for a further three to five subjects in 2020 after completion of the model university.

The current university location also has 300 students able to stay in dormitories while other students can rent guesthouses near the university. 

When the new university is completed in 2020, it will be able to cater to a student population of 8,000.