Plan for Himalayan tourism

Economy June 19, 2017 10:00

By The Nation

Yunnan plans to attract tourists with new products including sports activities next to the Himalayas and wellness facilities.

Wang Jiaxue, director of the Yunnan Tourism Industry Institute, said with “top of the world” branding besides a world-class cultural heritage and biodiversity, joint tourism promotions with 10 countries in the area could be developed.

The 10 include India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar,  Kazakhstan alongside Yunnan, Tibet and Xinjiang province of China. The Himalayan-Ring Tourism Circle would be the best in the world.

“We can cooperate on transport and environmental protection...These are less developed nations and the initiative will lead to a reduction in poverty,” he said.

Shen Heping, chairman of the Yunnan Province e-Commerce Association, said Yunnan can become a health tourism hub for free individual travellers as the era of joining group tours is over. These would involve medicare, spas and traditional medicine.