KPMG offers to help firms with digital transformation

Economy May 18, 2017 01:00

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PROFESSIONAL-services firm KPMG says it is offering comprehensive consultation to help |companies in Thailand with digital transformation.

A KPMG study indicates that the most significant technologies that will play key roles in consumer and enterprise markets over the next three years are the cloud, Internet of Things, mobile, data and analysis, artificial intelligence and robotics. KPMG Thailand recently partnered with KPMG Japan to acquire expertise in AI, robotics, D&A, IoT and cybercrime prevention.

With rapid changes to business landscapes caused by disruptive technologies such as AI, robotics and IoT, companies find it increasingly necessary to adopt and integrate these new technologies into their businesses. According to KPMG’s “The Changing Landscape of Disruptive Technologies” study, there are key technologies that have been given more focus by businesses; in both consumer and enterprise markets.

In consumer markets, KPMG says the future indispensable technologies are the cloud, mobile service, D&A and IoT, with countries such as Japan being the lead adopters of many of |these. 

For enterprise markets, the cloud, IoT, mobile and D&A will continue to drive unprecedented business transformation opportunities. More focus is also being given to robotics and AI as the key technologies reshaping enterprise markets over the next three years. 

Technology, investment alignment 

“The alignment of technology and people investments to allow the redeployment of a workforce to its highest and best use, and to solve previously unsolvable problems, is key for companies to succeed in the future,” said Richard Hanley, advisory leader in technology, media and telecommunications at KPMG in the United States. 

“IoT and D&A are enabling enterprises to have new insights about their supply chain and customers’ experience in real time.” 

KPMG Thailand chief executive officer Winid Silamongkol said: “Embracing these new and disruptive technologies does not simply require a few simple changes. It requires an enterprise-wide transformation. 

“These new technologies will provide growth to businesses only if they are fully optimised and adapted into the company’s orchestrated strategy and operations. This is where KPMG in Thailand’s consulting practice can help businesses in Thailand successfully and seamlessly integrate new technologies into their business operations.” 

KPMG Thailand, backed by knowledge and experience from global KPMG counterparts, says it provides a full range of advisory services to help companies adapt and leverage new technologies to the fullest potential to grow their businesses. 

KPMG Thailand says its consulting practice focuses on operational efficiency and performance to improve clients’ businesses at all stages of an organisation’s lifecycle, helping clients tackle a minefield of challenges such as digital transformation, stringent regulation, cost pressures, increased competition, and cybercrime, not to mention striving to meet their own growth agenda.


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