SEC maps up 3-year plan to move capital markets forward

Economy January 11, 2017 01:00


THE SECURITIES and Exchange Commission has set a three-year strategic plan to drive capital markets with technology and innovation.

Rapee Sucharitakul, secretary-general of the SEC, said yesterday that the plan aimed to solve the structural problems of capital markets for higher quality and more fund-mobilisation channels. 

The international capacities of securities businesses will be enhanced. 

Opportunities for new businesses will be given in line with the rapid development in the world of financial technology (fintech) and consumer behaviour. 

The plan will also cope with the country’s structural shift to an ageing society.

The first of the four key focuses of the plan involves technology, which will be used to drive financial innovation for higher value-added.

This strategy will be key to preparation for the fintech era, allowing everyone to access information and new operators to add value with infrastructure to lower costs.

It includes supervision and an oversight system.

The second focus is promoting Thailand’s capital markets as interesting funding sources for enterprises in this country and the region through certain supervision and oversight for all fundraising processes. 

Regarding investors’ benefits, the third focus is improving the environment for financial institutions and enterprises to be professional, while pushing all industries to realise the benefits of corporate governance. 

To develop investors into a major power in capital markets, the fourth focus is providing knowledge for investors through tools and other aids for investment decision-making. 

Mechanisms to end disputes will be developed and laws will be enforced efficiently.

“The last is development of the SEC’s capabilities to handle its strategies through knowledge and internal skill improvement to keep pace with changes,” Rapee said. 

“More, technology will be utilised to enhance work efficiency, allowing us to analyse and manage problems swiftly” with cooperation as required.