Workers standing for long periods warned about heel ailment

Breaking News July 10, 2017 12:26

By The Nation

People standing throughout long work shifts risk developing an ailment that creates heel soreness and can lead to other health issues, the Public Health Ministry has warned.

The ministry’s deputy permanent secretary and spokesman, Kiatibhoom Wongrachit, said plantar fasciitis was common among sales assistants at department stores as well as factory workers and nurses.

He said the aliment also affected overweight people. 

He said people with the ailment experienced heel pain when they got up in the morning. The pain, he said, might ease after they stretched their feet and walked around for a while. 

“But if the ailment is left untreated, it may cause other health problems,” he said. 

Kiatibhoom recommended people with heel pain consult doctors and be careful about their footwear choices.

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