Entertainer ‘Dome’ did not buy stolen Lamborghini: DSI 

Breaking News May 29, 2017 12:23

By The Nation

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A Lamborghini owned by actor and singer Pakorn "Dome" Lam was not stolen from Britain and sent to Thailand, Department of Investigation (DSI) chief Pol Colonel Paisit Wongmuang announced to the press on Monday. 

Pakorn's car body and engine numbers did not match the stolen vehicle of the same model and colour that the DSI is looking for, added DSI deputy chief Lt-Colonel Korrawat Panprapakorn.

After Paisit and Korrawat asked Pakorn to allow the DSI to inspect his car and the accompanying documentation to confirm that, the entertainer contacted the agency to say he will cooperate with investigators, the DSI said.

Paisit and Korrawat also told investigators to check if Pakorn's car was imported legally. 

Because if it were not, Paisit said the company that imported it would be held responsible and Pakorn would be the damaged party.

The DSI's raids on car dealerships and other locations on May 18 and 24 resulted in 160 cars being impounded for further probes over allegations of tax evasion that had cost the country Bt3 billion in lost revenue. 

Ten cars stolen from Britain were found among the 160 cars including six parked at dealerships.

Three other cars had been sold and one was found at the Customs Department’s Duty-Free Zone. 

The DSI is looking for the remaining 32 stolen cars, with it obtaining information about 10 of them, it was reported.

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