CPF wins Cambodian certificate for ‘exemplary’ treatment of migrant workers

Breaking News May 18, 2017 10:40

By The Nation

Thai giant Charoen Pokphand Foods Plc (CPF) has been lauded for its recruitment and treatment of migrant workers at its swine processing plant in Chachoengsao province and been awarded a certificate by Cambodia’s Labour and Vocational Training Ministry.

CPF is the first Thai enterprise to receive such a certificate.

Chamroen Kuem, labour adviser at the Cambodian Embassy, recently visited the CPF pork processing plant in Padriew district, Chachengsao province, and presented the certificate for the company’s good practices towards migrant workers. The Cambodian ministry found CPF to be “exemplary” in terms of Cambodian worker recruitment while, it found the workers were treated with care and enjoyed equal rights as Thai workers.

Chamroen said that conversations with Cambodian workers and his visits to the workplace, the dormitory and the canteen assured the Cambodian government of CPF's good treatment of the workers. The workers enjoy a happy life and several of them send home Bt10,000 (about US$294) per month, which helps lift the quality of life of the Cambodians and their families, Chamroen said.

“The employment of any Cambodian worker elevates the quality of life of his family in Cambodia. On behalf of the Cambodian government, I thank CPF for its appropriate and equal care for Cambodians,” Chamroen said.

Voraset Ranvongsanithichot, assistant vice president of CPF pork processing plant, said that CPF has upheld the international human rights practices in labour recruitment and treatment and has complied with the memoranda of understanding on labour signed by the governments of Thailand and neighbouring countries.

The processing swine plant in Padriew employs more than 700 migrant workers. Other than 20 workers from Myanmar, the rest are Cambodian. All were recruited directly by the company and they enjoy pays, welfare, training, health expenses, insurance and the pay hike scale on par with Thai workers. They stay in five provided dormitories and are assisted by a translator who helps connect them with needed help and consultation, to ensure their happy stay in Thailand, Voraset said.

Under CPF's policy migrant worker recruitment, all recruits become the company's direct employees. The recruitment of Cambodian workers is carried out through agents certified by the Cambodian government, while the recruitment process is transparent and closely reviewed by CPF's office in the country, Voraset added.

To date, CPF has employed nearly 9,000 migrant workers, 6,300 of them being Cambodian. The rest are from Myanmar.

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