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Death toll of rescue workers in double accident rises to four

Breaking News May 07, 2017 13:38

By Kanita Seetong
The Nation

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The number of rescue workers killed in Sunday’s double accident in Trang province rose to four, after one more victim succumbed to his injuries at a hospital.

As of press time, five other victims remain hospitalised due to the accident. Two were in intensive care.

“Four rescue workers died in this accident,” Trang Governor Siripat Pattanakul said. 

A pickup truck crashed into rescue workers, instantly killing three of them at the scene, in Trang province at 1.30am on Sunday.

The accident took place while the rescue workers were trying to help an injured motorcyclist. The motorcyclist had driven into a road barrier and suffered injuries.

He sustained more injuries in the accident involving the pickup.

The pickup driver, Pattawee Rerk-am, and a policeman who had come to check on the accident were also injured.

A lab test is being performed to determine whether Pattawee was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident.

“I noticed that the pickup was coming fast and thought it might have had a brake failure. I tried to alert my friends but they could not flee the scene soon enough,” one of the survivors said.

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