Family of road-racing victims calls for tougher law

Breaking News April 20, 2017 15:17

By The Nation

The mother and wife of two road-racing victims presented a 35,000 signature petition to the National Legislative Assembly on Thursday urging tougher penalties against road racers.

Saranya Chamni submitted the names to call on the NLA to amend the law so that road racers will be charged with murder if their actions result in fatalities.

The names were gathered through the website.

Saranya lost her husband and her young daughter, Narasiri, was seriously injured when a vehicle that was racing on the road hit her steak shop in 2014.

The driver was jailed for one year and fined Bt3,000. He was also ordered to pay compensation of Bt6 million to Saranya, but she said it was not enough to cover all the losses and medical expenses for her daughter.

The names were submitted to Lt Gen Jaresak Anuparp, the chairman of the NLA committee on transportation.

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