Kites fill Cha-am sky

Breaking News March 12, 2017 12:18

By The Nation

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Cha-am beach on Sunday was crowded with tourists who flocked to attend the Thailand International Kite Festival 2017 held at the famous beach in Phetchaburi province.

The ever-popular festival is held from March 10-12. 

This year, the event features displays of beautiful kites from all over the world. In addition, 20 kite-flying teams from nine countries are participating in the event.

With teams from Kuwait, China, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Netherlands, New Zealand, Indonesia and Thailand, this has become a truly international event and a great spectacle in the skies above Cha-am beach.

The highlight of this year’s event will be a beautiful display of giant whale-shaped kites, some up to 30-40 metres long. 

Continuing the sea-life theme, there will be a ‘Deep Blue Sea’ display of colourful kites too, as well as many other flying attractions to enjoy.

Also, there are stunning musical performance of revolution kites, a Deep Blue Sea installation art piece and a show of stunt kites with fliers who’ll compete to show off their high-speed flying skills. 

The festival will showcase many international kites, and there will be compeititions in eight different categories: Beauty, Creativity, High Flying, Nice Sounds, Marathon, native Kites, Giant and Student’s Kites. There will be over 100 teams from Thailand and 30 different countries participating in this annual event. Some of the countries include Germany, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, India, and the Philippines.


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