Stocks of Unilever Indonesia see ten-fold rise in 35 years since listing

ASEAN+ January 12, 2017 01:00


PUBLICLY-LISTED consumer goods giant Unilever Indonesia has seen its stock value skyrocketing by more than a thousand per cent over the 35 years it has been listed on the bourse.

If an investor bought 1,000 shares at our initial public offering IPO, which [at the time] were worth Rp 3,175 (24 US cents, Bt8.53) apiece, its current investment value would |be worth Rp 5 billion today, Unil-|ever Indonesia president director Hemant Bakshi said before opening the bourse’s trading day yesterday. |“We truly believe that our fortune has been closely linked with the country,” |he said.

Shares of Unilever Indonesia, the local arm of Anglo-Dutch multinational company Unilever NV |and Unilever Plc, opened the trading day at Rp 40,500, an increase of almost 1 per cent from its previous close. 

The firm’s assets stood at Rp 16.75 trillion as of September last year compared to Rp 140.4 billion recorded during its initial public offering (IPO) in 1982, while sales had soared to Rp 30.1 trillion from Rp 159 billion.

“We believe we will be in the |country for more than the 35 years we have reached now, doing even better and bigger business,” he said.


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