Asean Now: Weekly Wrap Ep 51

ASEAN+ August 20, 2016 10:37

Swimmer Joseph Schooling receives a hero’s welcome back to Singapore; Pokemon Go a no-go for many Asean countries; Two Indonesian kidnap victims escaped from their Abu Sayyaf captors in Philippines; War of words between Philippine President Rodrigo Dutert

Thai people have vowed to stay united and strong in light of last week’s series of bomb attacks in southern Thailand. Government forecasters have warned that Myanmar’s floods is set to get worse. Australian veterans were shocked at Vietnam authorities’ decision to cancel the Long Tan commemorations. Vietnam and Laos’ National Assemblies are looking into strengthening their ties after Lao speaker Somphan Phengkhammy recently visited Vietnam. Macau casino operators listed in Cambodia are struggling as more mainland Chinese tourists head to Cambodia where travel costs are lower.



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