Alibaba Group rolls out Tmall World, eyeing overseas Chinese shoppers

Tech June 15, 2017 08:54

By Sin Chew Daily / ANN

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HANZHOU - Tmall World under Alibaba Group announces its arrival to Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan with its focus placed on overseas Chinese market.

Through its social media platform available in smartphone app and internet, Tmall World is eyeing on the 100 million overseas Chinese population where more than 1.2 billion of products can be purchased from the platform.

Alibaba also announces its plan of “Tmall World going overseas” through collaboration with Southeast Asia e-commerce portal Lazada to bring it to the world.

At a briefing, Alibaba Tmall Overseas Division director Hu YuLing said:”Tmall Overseas is not an independent platform in Tmall World. It is a business division set up under the group’s strategic plan. Group chairman Jack Ma has targeted to reach out to 2 billion overseas shoppers in 2013 by 2036.”

She said: “Through taobao app on smartphone, Tmall retailers are able to sell their products in China to 500 million to 600 million shoppers in Southeast Asia. Currently people from 236 countries in the world are using Taobao. Even in remote area people are using Taobao, including Iraq.”

In addition, the company has also started its shipping service by sea. As Malaysian shoppers are more concerned with shipping charges than Singapore shoppers, Hu said: “We will try our best to give Malaysian shopper more incentives on this part.”

Alibaba, in its statement, said it will be providing end to end solution including logistics, payment and also localised support to meet the market demand.

Currently Alibaba is eyeing major markets in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. The group is also launching a three-day promotion by the name of 618 Ideal Living Crazy Sales from June 18 to 20. It is expected to save as high as 10 billion yuan (US$.45 billion) for shoppers from overseas and China.

Hu said Malaysian shoppers would benefit from the Tmall International 618 promotion but some of the types of products could be different. For instance, some large size home electrical appliances and digital products are not sold in overseas due to patent rights and policies. In addition, some imported products may be well-received in China. Malaysians are looking forward to buy products from China. We would be offering some modifications on the types of products.”

As part of Alibaba’s global strategy, the company has spent US$1 billion to buy 51 per cent of stake into Lazada in 2016. The Wall Street Journal reported that Joseph Tsai, vice chairman of Alibaba Group, during the Alibaba investors’ day held at Hangzhou last week, cited the case of taking over Lazada as example where the group would own the controlling stake of the company first to ensure a total consolidation when touching on takeover strategy.

Through Lazada, the group has also launched series of recommended products in Malaysia and Singapore market under Taobao to cater for Chinese –illiterate shoppers. The series include all types of raw materials including electronic products, popular accessories and home appliances.