What Freshket learned from an enlightening 10 days in |San Francisco

Tech April 09, 2017 08:30


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WE, FRESHKET, an agricultural tech marketplace platform for restaurants and suppliers to connect, have won a special mentoring workshop with Google Launchpad as the winner of dtac Accelerate batch 4. After losing badly on the first day at Google Launchpad, as mentioned in a previous article, we were better prepared for the second day's activity. 

The presentation was revised so that mentors could understand Freshket faster and easiler. We prepared more information for each session, including UX, Google cloud, Progressive webapp, OKRs and HR, which we had gotten insight into to apply to Freshket. 

Most mentors were entrepreneurs who had done Start-up and exited already. Thus each and every advice from them was highly useful. 

Freshket, of course, would have to process and choose the ones that best suited us. Besides knowledge that we got from Google Launchpad, another benefit we got from this trip was teamwork. 

Our team became stronger than before, which could be the result of our daily review of things we had learned. We gave each other straightforward feedback, and turned on professional mode instead of family mode that we had always followed in the workplace. The good part of this was we could see strengths and weaknesses of each individual and the team as a whole, and everyone was willing to improve themselves, fulfil what the team was missing and strengthen our assets. We were on the same page, and had the same vision for Freshket, which was the most valuable takeaway for Freshket from this trip.

Moreover, we got a chance to visit world-class start-ups like Facebook, Airbnb, Apple, etc. which allowed us to learn the diverse culture of each workplace, which we judged from what we actually saw, not by its culture motto. For example, I really like Facebook. Its diversity lies in its working atmosphere and people, but despite the differences, everything blends in harmoniously. 

Airbnb stands out for its uniqueness - both the office and the people. Apple, however, is highly professional and serious. 

These characteristics of start-ups got me thinking about the sources of these character cues, which I found was from the founder and the culture that they created. So we also needed to shape Freshket's culture and people to be more concrete.

PONGLADA PANIANGWET is CEO and Co-Founder Freshket.