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national December 06, 2012 00:00

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SIRIRAT BOONREUNG, 65 I want to be in the eyes of His Majesty the King, also just as a yellow dot (among the sea of yellow) and I would like to give him moral support for his work.Sirirat returned to Thailand from Switzerland three months ago and has bee


The King is like our guardian angel and we want him to know how much we love him. As I saw him come out on the balcony, I broke out in tears and all my suffering just vanished. I came to the Royal Plaza at 7am and His Majesty came after 10am and remained until noon. We chose not to leave this spot for fear we couldn’t return.
In 2006, Worarat also camped out at the Royal Plaza for a glimpse His Majesty.
It gives me a new perspective. I will not forget what His Majesty has done in various projects [for the people] and I want Thais to love each other.
The television producer waited to welcome His Majesty at the Benjamabopit Temple Intersection. He said he had attended the King’s previous five public audiences and was deeply moved to see so many Thais showing up every time to offer their heartfelt wishes to the beloved monarch. 
December 5 is another day to show that most Thais remain brothers, sisters and compatriots, not enemies. Everyone in Thailand is loyal to the King, who takes care of all his subjects equally. Thais should do good for His Majesty and wish him a long life. 
Sakia, who travelled to Bangkok from Yala, waited for hours to catch a glimpse of the King at the Benjamabopit Temple Intersection.
I’m very happy to see Thais coming together to express their wishes and loyalty to the King. When I saw him pass by and looking at people, tears streamed down my face as I felt suddenly overwhelmed with joy.
Khanitnan, who travelled from Samut Songkhram, welcomed the King at Siriraj Hospital where she and her relatives had stationed themselves since midnight Tuesday.

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