Women from all sectors very active on social media

national March 08, 2014 00:00

By Asina Pornwasin

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The role of women in the digital era is as important and distinguished as men.

In Thailand, a lot of women from all sectors are actively influenced by social media, including business, non-government organisations, the media and politics.
In the political sector, caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra is actively posting on social media, which is perhaps no surprise given the current crisis.
Other politically active women on social media are Taya Teepsuwan and Chitpas Kridakorn (@TANTchitpas). 
However, it remains to be seen how active Taya will be on social media after she advised people via Facebook yesterday that she was stepping down from her role as an anti-government People’s Democratic Reform Committee leader due the violence and threats toward her and her family.
PDRC leader Chitpas yesterday voiced support for Taya via Facebook.
Businesswomen active on social media include Charlotte Donavanik (@CHARLOTTE2500), Thai Beverage’s vice president. 
She is always using social media to detail her personal and work life to her followers. 
Supinya Klangnarong (@supinya), a commissioner on the National Broadcast and Telecommunication Commission, is another influential woman on social media. She always keeps people informed about her works via her tweets, and she welcomes complaints and feedback. 
The US Ambassador to Thailand, Kristie Kenney, is also active on social media. 
Recently, Kenney used social media to deny a rumour that she was being reassigned to South Korea for allegedly being too involved in local politics. 
“I’m not leaving Thailand just yet,” she said.
In the media, there are many female journalists active on social media such as Nattha Komolvadhin (@Nattha_ThaiPBS), Nation TV’s @jomquan and S@Jin_Nation, and MCOT’s Sresuda Winitsuvan (@sresuda).
Currently, more women are on Facebook than men, according to Social Breaker – with around 51 per cent of users in Thailand female, while 49 per cent are male.
The Global Web Index found there were more Thai women than men on social media across all platforms, including Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, as the third quarter last year.
According to data compiled in the infographic below by Alex Hillsberg at the personal finance website  http://FinancesOnline.com in the United States, more women are active users on social media than men.
In some ways, it seems women are not as familiar with technology as men, but on social media women are not being left behind.

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