Will this marriage end conflicts?

national May 17, 2013 00:00

By Praphan Jindalertudomdee

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With former PM Somchai Wongsawat's youngest daughter, who is also ex-PM Thaksin Shinawatra's niece, set to marry the son of Cambodian PM Hun Sen's right-hand man, ties between the two countries might get stronger.

Chayapa Wongsawat and Lynal Nam, an official attached to the Office of the Cambodian Cabinet, will be tying the knot at Plaza Athenee in Bangkok tomorrow.

Lynal is the son of Uan Wanlee and tycoon Seang Nam, who is also a key member of the ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP), a Siem Reap MP and Hun Sen’s close aide. 
The love story began when Chayapa’s mum, Yaowapa, met and became close friends with Lynal’s mother Uan. 
“One day, when my wife was in Cambodia for business, she spoke to Chayapa on Skype. This was when Madam Uan saw our daughter and introduced her to her son. Since then the two began speaking to each other regularly,” Somchai recounted. 
The bond became even stronger when, on a visit to Thailand with his mother, Lynal decided to take a side trip to Chiang Mai to meet Chayapa in person. 
After that, Lynal started visiting Thailand frequently, especially since many of his relatives have been seeking medical treatment in Thai hospitals. He also met Chayapa’s family when they visited Cambodia for business.
After two years of friendship, Lynal’s parents decided to ask Somchai if their son could marry Chayapa.
Somchai said that initially he rejected the marriage proposal because his daughter was preparing to sit for an exam to become a public prosecutor. However, he conceded when asked again because his would-be son-in-law was a decent man from a good family and his daughter was confident in their love. 
Thaksin will not be attending the wedding or wishing the bride and groom well over Skype, Somchai said, adding that the ousted former PM had already blessed the couple in person earlier. 

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