UK pair 'overwhelmed' by tearful reunion in Phuket

national August 13, 2014 01:00

By Phuket Gazette

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Duo express gratitude to their tsunami saviours

Ben and Emily Willgrass have broken their silence to express gratitude to the Thai people for their kindness and generosity after an emotionally overwhelming reunion with their Phuket tsunami saviours last month. 

Nearly 10 years later and thanks to a successful call for help via Facebook, the Willgrass siblings were able to track down Yupin Sengmuang and her former partner Pitchat. 
“Yupin is an amazing lady and made us feel so welcome in her shop. We visited her every day and she showed us lots of love and cooked us delicious food,” said the siblings in an email. 
“We shared tears, laughter and many hugs with her,” they said. 
Emily and Ben also had a lovely time meeting Pitchat, who travelled to Phuket especially to see them. 
“It was so nice to catch up with him after so long and to chat about our experiences and our lives.”
The brother and sister said the trip had raised mixed emotions. 
“Our trip to Phuket was difficult at times and often brought back sad memories of our experiences during the tsunami and the loss of our lovely mother,” they said.
However, they were very happy to meet Yupin and Pitchat again and felt very lucky to have the opportunity to thank them personally for their help and support, as well as for the kindness they had received after the disaster.
The siblings also thanked all the Thais they met on the island. 
“We were made to feel so welcome and were shown so much kindness and compassion during our stay. 
“We had an amazing time and now know that Phuket will always hold a special place in our hearts.” 

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