Two students injured in Narathiwat bus blast

national September 27, 2012 00:00

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Two students were injured by shrapnel when their school bus was hit by an explosion in Narathiwat's Yi Ngor district Thursday morning.

Sitinuriya Baka, 14 and Nadia Jehama, 17, both of Romklao School were rushed to a nearby hospital before being transferred to Narathiwat Rachanakarin Hospital. Both suffered injuries to their arms.

Police were alerted at 7.40am about the bomb attack, which took place at a bridge in Bukeh Palash village. Arriving at the scene, police found the school bus, which had suffered a flat tyre and was riddled with shrapnel.
Police believed that insurgents planted explosives on the approach to the bridge and triggered them as the school bus passed by.
Bus driver Ekkapong Samu, 58, told police that he drove the bus from Romklao School every morning to pick up some 70 students and had an army vehicle in the front for protection.
When the bus was approaching the bridge, the explosives went off, injuring the two students who were sitting near the front door.
Police believe that the insurgents were targeting soldiers in the army vehicle but missed. 
Meanwhile in Yala’s Raman district, police were alerted at 7.45am about a bomb attack in a rubber plantation in Tambon Jakwa, which injured a cow.
The police investigation found that villagers heard the sound of an explosion at 3.50am but did not come out to check.
In the morning, they found a cow with a wound on its leg by a rubber tree and alerted police. The bomb squad also defused two booby traps nearby.
Police believed that insurgents planted the explosives at the base tree and at two others nearby to lure officials to the scene before setting them off.

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