Truck spills acid near Bangkok

national November 13, 2012 00:00

By The Nation

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A truck carrying 4 tonnes of nitric acid overturned yesterday, spilling the chemical on to an expressway lane of Kanchanaphisek Road near Bang Bua Thong just north of Bangkok.

Police sealed the area shortly after 9.30am and contained the spill by spraying water and fire-extinguisher foam. A motorcyclist who rode past the area reportedly inhaled the chemical, fainted and fell off the bike, and traffic in the area became heavily congested.

Truck driver Niwapong Deeraksa, 25, who was slightly injured, told police the left rear wheel suddenly came off while he was driving, causing the truck to turn sideways and 540 litres of nitric acid leaked out.

In related news, Bangkok City and Land Transport officials will organise an accident drill tomorrow for trucks carrying chemicals or fuel on Chao Kreetha Road in Lat Krabang to test 300 officials’ capacity to manage such dramas.