Toddler injured by ATM electrical shock remains in critical condition

national August 14, 2014 14:45

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A 2-year-old girl who was seriously injured by a short-circuit in an ATM in Trang's Yan Ta Khao district last week is still in a serious condition.

Toddler injured in ATM electrical shock incident remains in critical condition There is no brain response, although Nong Yok's blood pressure has improved, said Trang Hospital deputy director Dr Wanthana Saingam.

The brain will not recover from cerebral hypoxia after the electric shock. However, the medical team is doing their best to help the child but the family should be prepared for any unexpected news, she added. 
Relative Panudda Bumrung was in tears as she explained how the toddler had swung her arms and touched the ATM machine of Siam Commerical Bank while she was withdrawing cash from the ATM and received an electric shock.
Sukulya Noopinij, the mother, said that she had been informed by the doctor to prepare for the worst. She added that bank staff had visited her daughter everyday since the accident, and the bank insisted on taking full responsibility.

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