Three police officers gunned down in Yala after prayers

national July 12, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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A deputy police superintendent of Krong Pinang district in Yala and two other officers were killed in an ambush on Thursday night while returning from a Muslim prayer session with local villagers.

Police suspect some 10 insurgents, led by Hubaideela Romuelee of the Runda Kumpalan Kecil (RKK) separatist movement, were responsible for the gun attack, in which Pol Lt-Colonel Adinan Isma-ae, Pol Sub-Lieutenant Danupol Asae and Pol Lance Corporal Hama Sarato were killed. A stray bullet also wounded bystander Addulloh Japakiya. 
Funerals for Adinan and Danupol were held yesterday in Muang district, while the funeral for Hama was held in Raman district. Many police attending Adinan’s funeral said the late deputy superintendent was a good man and had over the past seven years urged people, especially youths, to do good deeds and study Islam. 
In related news, although trainees at Yala’s Phra Yupparat Yaha Hospital are shaken up after two classmates were shot down, they have said they will continue studying. One student said after classmates Sutheera Phetchan and Kulradee Petchmak were killed on July 9, the college ordered them to drop their training at the hospital and return. She said they have all realised they need to adjust and be more cautious. 

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