Thais warned in Tel Aviv

national July 13, 2014 00:00

By The Sunday Nation

The Thai Embassy in Tel Aviv has called on Thais in Israel to stay safe in response to Palestine-based group Hamas launching rocket attacks on Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa.

While saying Israel’s Iron Dome air defence system was effectively intercepting the rockets, the embassy still urged Thais to follow correct safety procedures if they hear a siren to warn them of a pending attack.
If they are indoors, they need to go to a bunker or the innermost room and close the windows and the door. 
If they are outdoors, they need to race to the nearest building or lie flat on the ground with their hands at the back of the head for 10 minutes, or until informed it is safe.
The embassy also warned Thais to stay away from suspicious items and alert the authorities if they see something suspicious.