Thai immigration in Surin ready for Cambodian workers

national June 25, 2014 00:00

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Officials in Cambodia's O'samach district in Udon Meachay province are preparing venues and documents for issuing passports to Cambodians wanting to find work in Thailand.

A high number of Cambodians are expected to apply for passports from tomorrow following the initiative introduced by the Cambodian authorities that sees passport fees reduced from Bt6,000 to Bt120. Once in possession of their passports, they are expected to cross into Thailand to search for work.

The fee reduction is aimed at helping Cambodians who were previously unable to afford the fees and were crossing into Thailand illegally.

The past weeks have seen an exodus of Cambodians leaving the Thai soil following rumours claimed that the junta, which seized power on May 22, was to launch a severe crackdown on the illegal workers.
Thai immigration officials in the border province of Surin, which is opposite O’samach, are also preparing for tomorrow’s registration, which will start at 9am.

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