Texting while driving an offence, motorists warned

national July 31, 2014 00:00


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MOTORISTS are banned from using their smartphones while driving, be it for calling or texting, Deputy Metropolitan Police chief Pol Maj-General Adul Narongsak announced yesterday.

The warning came after it was discovered that some drivers had their mobile phones attached to the steering wheel in order to be able to text while driving. 

Adul reminded drivers that this practice was illegal as the law prohibits the use of phones while driving. Offenders stand to be fined between Bt400 and Bt1,000. 
Chatting or texting while driving is considered a distraction, as the driver needs to look at the phone and use a hand to type. The law allows the use of hands-free sets for talking only. 
Adul said all violation cases would be referred to the court. 

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