Surge in public help appeals to the junta

national August 05, 2014 17:30

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The number of complaints seeking help from the junta over the past two months has doubled the amount filed in the same period last year during the previous administration's tenure, according to official records.

A total of 39,190 complaints were filed with Government House between May 22 and July 24 while a total of 18,987 complaints were filed during the same period.

Of those complaints, 34,132 were filed through Government House’s 1111 hotline, 2,326 through its website (, 1,054 by mail (addressed to Post Office Box 1111), and 1,678 by hand directly with the Public Service Centre. On average, about 30 people filed their complaints directly with the centre, which is located at Gate 4 of Government House.

Also, another 1,194 complaints were filed directly with the ruling National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) through different military establishments. Altogether, the number of complaints filed over the last two months has exceeded 40,000.

On May 22, the NCPO led by Army chief General Prayuth Chanocha overthrew the previous government in a bloodless coup.


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