Sulphur dioxide levels potentially fatal

national March 20, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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The density of sulphur dioxide in fumes billowing from the smouldering landfill site in Samut Prakan yesterday was 23 times higher than safety level, raising the potential of death, a report on air quality from the Pollution Control Department said.

The air-quality inspection station is located at a cooperative housing estate 300 metres north of the garbage disposal site. The density of sulphur dioxide detected at this station stood at between 1.99 and 4.51 PPM (parts per million), while the safety standard is no more than 0.2 PPM.
Even at the shelter provided to local residents, located 3,000 metres downwind, the density of sulphur dioxide stood at between 0.95 and 1.20 PPM, or six times higher than the level considered potentially fatal, the report showed. 
There are 10 air-quality inspection stations near and around the landfill, but not all stations have reported such a high level of sulphur dioxide owing to the direction of the wind. Half of the air-quality inspection stations are located at housing estates, including the one that detected the density at the highest level. 

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