Spoof on Thailand removed from YouTube

national February 05, 2013 00:00

By The Nation

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YouTube has removed the "Rosetta Stone Thai" spoof video clip produced by US late-night TV show's "Saturday Night Live" that portrays Thailand in a negative light, mocking the country as a destination for sex tourists.

Apinand Poshaya-nond, deputy permanent secretary for culture, has confirmed the removal yesterday.

Apinand said yesterday that the ministry would explain the situation later to the producer of “Saturday Night Live”.

Culture Minister Sonthaya Kunplome said his permanent secretary Prissana Pongtatsirikul signed an objection letter against the 1.32-minute clip and sent copies to the Foreign Ministry, the Information and Communications Technology Ministry and the US Embassy in Thailand to tell them the clip tarnished Thailand’s image and asked for help to solve the problem urgently.

Sonthaya said the ministry also wanted the “Saturday Night Live” producer to explain the facts and know that Thais were upset about the offensive presentation. –The clip was a mock commercial for the Rosetta Stone foreign-language learning programme that teaches foreigners who want to speak Thai – so they learned how to buy sex. The skit upset many Thai citizens who felt it tarnished the country’s image and caused complaints to be filed to the Culture Ministry.


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