Southern rail service restored in Narathiwat

national May 30, 2014 00:00

Narathiwat - Southern line railway station at Su-ngai Kolok in Narathiwat province resumed operations earlier today, after a temporary halt since May 14, due to bombings that damaged tracks in two locations.

Doznes of people have been arriving at the station since early this morning, non-stop, most of whom were students and merchants.

Police, military and provincial administration officials were deployed to provide passenger safety at all stations that the train would pass through, as well as on every train and along the railway tracks.

The route between Tanyong Mat and Su-ngai Kolok stations of Naratiwat was hit by two bomb attacks on May 14, which damaged two locations on the rail line within Cho-airong and Ra-ngae districts. The blasts halted the services of 14 trains traveling in the area 16 days since the incident.

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