South attacks: 5 police officers transferred

national May 19, 2014 00:00

By Narong Nuansakul
Santhiti Kho

Five commissioned officers at Sungai Padi Police Station have been transferred for failing to carry out their duties during the arson and bomb attacks that rocked the Narathiwat district on May 11.

They are the station’s superintendent Colonel Jongjairak Kongpao, his two deputies Lt-Colonel Montri Iamrahong and Lt-Colonel Sutas Nooseekong, Lt-Colonel Sopon Jantarachote and Captain Saroj Charntae.
Southern Border Provinces Police Operation Centre chief Yongyuth Charoenwanich issued the order to transfer them to the centre, where they will remain for a year. 
 Yongyuth also transferred the members a platoon that was based in front of the Islam Bamrung School when it was set ablaze on May 11. 
Locals have welcomed the transfer orders, saying that police were not there for them when the violence erupted. 
“Only territorial defence volunteers came to our aid,” a villager said. 
Tangyong Police Station superintendent Colonel Surapong Chartpisut is the caretaker head of Sungai Padi Police Station. All other vacant posts at the station have been filled. 
Thailand’s southernmost region has been struggling with unrest for about a decade. Violent incidents erupt almost only a daily basis. 
In Narathiwat, a construction worker was shot and seriously injured yesterday morning. 
Monchai Salamae, 34, told police that he was heading to work when two men on a motorcycle followed him and opened fire.
Monchai was shot in the legs four times. 
Police are investigating to determine if the unrest or a personal conflict was behind the attack. 

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